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Take Care Kit
Take Care Kit
Take Care Kit
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Take Care Kit

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An ideal skin care kit ✨ Specially selected products that make a perfect match together. Take care of yourself and your favorite people, it's a perfect gift🤩

Lip serum: This lip serum in gloss format that revitalizes and moisturizes deeply, contains aloe vera extract that also helps heal your chapped lips.

Sweet Cocoa Face and Body Scrub: It is an exfoliant that helps effectively hydrate and soften the skin. Its coffee particles help with deep exfoliation, benefiting the circulation of the face and body, giving the sensation that our skin is much smoother and softer. It helps fight inflammation in the body and reduce cellulite.

Garnier micellar water: Introduces micellar technology in a multi-use cleanser. Micelles are active cleansers that capture impurities, makeup and oil present on the skin, without rubbing. Remove makeup, cleanse and tone your face. For all skin types, including sensitive ones. They completely extract grease and dirt. It does not dry out or irritate the skin. Hypoallergenic. Unscented

Cleaning pads: Ultra-fine and absorbent microfiber wheels that will help you clean deeply, they are soft, gentle and do not hurt or irritate your skin. It is an ideal complement to your skincare routine.