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Generic X2 facial brush kit
Generic X2 facial brush kit
Generic X2 facial brush kit

Generic X2 facial brush kit

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This exfoliating brush is ideal for cleansing your face, removing all impurities and blackheads, exfoliating and performing a massage to soften your skin and improve circulation to your face.
  • Made of food grade silicone material, super soft to not hurt the skin. Antioxidant and durable.
  • Powerful pore purification: Our silicone scrubbers are built with two different bristle structures to ensure soft yet dense skin with clean pores.
  • 4 in 1 Beauty Care Tools: Combines the 4 functions of facial cleansing, blackhead removal, exfoliation, massage, makes your skin smoother and relieves redness caused by acne.
  • Easy to use and don't worry about it slipping, as the handle that fits between your fingers makes it easy to hold and move while cleaning your face.
  • Revitalizes your skin, softens it and promotes facial blood circulation; It also improves the absorption of cream, serum or moisturizer.