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Lip moisturizer 4.5 gr Glips Cosmetics
Lip moisturizer 4.5 gr Glips Cosmetics

Lip moisturizer 4.5 gr Glips Cosmetics

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Cocoa butter-based lip moisturizer enriched with vitamin E and sunscreen. Your best ally to care for and protect your lips on a daily basis.


Apply directly to the lips as many times as necessary. Constantly moisturizing them is very important. Apply this product several times a day not only when you feel dry. Lipbalm helps you form a protective layer that will protect them from external agents such as pollution, the sun or cold wind.

Its Main Assets:

Cocoa butter: It is an excellent emollient that helps us generate a protective layer that reduces the loss of natural moisture in the skin.

Castor Oil: Comes from the seed of the castor plant. 50% of its weight is oil and is ideal for moisturizing, strengthening and regenerating the skin.

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant that helps us prevent premature aging.

Beeswax: It is antibacterial, helps prevent premature aging, has soothing and regenerating properties.

Candelilla wax: It is of natural origin and helps us prolong the life of our product.